My Journey Through Cancer - Behind the Mask 5

As we approach week 6 of radiation I lay staring at the ceiling thinking of the things I could be doing verses taking this journey with cancer. Day dreaming of the things I wish I was doing instead of cancer treatment Monday - Friday.  My day dream begins to dissipate and fade into the stiff and burning sensation on my neck, causing my careful maneuver out of  bed.  Slowly sliding my black thong house shoes across the tiled floor into the bathroom to begin my morning ritual. As I flick on the bathroom light, the mirror reveals the burns and peeling of the skin on my neck.  These are the after effects of my radiation treatment.  Aquaphor is my best friend during this time. It temporarily soothes and calms the dry and burning sensation. The radiation oncologist prescribed an additional pain patch to assist with pain relief.  In addition, my enhanced smelling abilities are a daily nuisance.


It's no secret to close family and friends that I possess a keen sense of smell. But, low and behold that keen sense of smell has been enhanced. This has become a daily nuisance especially when the smell is unpleasant.  Repulsive smells often cause continuous gagging sensations. Incents are constantly burning and the air fresher is always in arms reach. Hopefully, when my taste buds return my sense of smell will return to normal.  If not, I'm going to be in trouble and some feelings may be hurt. We're going to charge it to the cancer treatment and not my heart.

In conclusion, of this weeks Behind the Mask blog I'd like to tip my hat   to ALL cancer survivors! This journey is not an easy one and many have journeyed this road more than once. You have been my encouragement. You inspire the world with your courage and strength. Thank you!


* Behind the Mask of PTSD coming soon!!


September 20, 2016 @01:43 am
I continue to admire your strength. Love you sis Catina

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