Behind the Mask: Understanding PTSD

I started exploring PTSD a couple of years ago. During, my exploration I recognized many of us have unconsciously suffered from PTSD and it dissipated with time; that old saying "time heals everything" comes to mind. However, sometimes time doesn't heal it. Post-traumatic stress disorder comes in degrees, from minor to severe cases. The brain is this wonderfully unique and complicated thing.  Everyday people like you and I cannot begin to uncover the darkest and deepest mysteries of the brain. There are professionals for that, who've completed years of studies and research on our wonderful brains and how it operates. When jumbled thoughts have festered for months in our minds, causing our bodies to react frantically, it's time to seek professional help. I'll spend the next few weeks exposing you to my findings on PTSD. It affects everyone in one way or another.

The video below describing PTSD was produced by the PTSD Alliance, a group of professional and advocacy organizations. The PTSD Alliance provides educational resources to individuals diagnosed with PTSD, their loved ones, those at risk for developing PTSD, and to medical, healthcare and other frontline professionals.

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